Ghoul Breaks Into Television!

That’s right, Ghoulunatics… with the power of the Mezmetron that we stole from the Grand Basilisk and his Cult of Hunters, we have been able to break into the broadcast feed¬†of CNT, Creepsylvanian National Television. No one is safe while we spew our rhetoric over the national¬†airwaves. So what have we decided to do with our untold power over the most influential form of media known to mankind? We’re starting an advice show!


That’s right, numbskulls… all you need do is record a short video question on YouTube and send us the link. We’ll answer all your BURNING QUESTIONS. In fact, that’s a pretty good name. I think we’ll call it that. If you’re too lazy to record a video, 1. you suck, and 2. just write to cremator.ghoul @ and he’ll read the questions over the air and berate you for being a luddite technophobe.


Check out the preview below for instructions and be sure to subscribe to Ghoul’s YouTube Channel as we add other videos and increase our stranglehold on all forms of your life! Next up… a stranglehold on your fucking neck!