Ghoul Fight Night!

Check it out, numbskulls!


Designed and printed by infamous artist Doktor Ross Sewage, Ghoul offers you this limited edition silk screen poster. It measures an enormous 18×24″, has an amazing three-color split, and details the epic night Killbot and Kogar the Destructor clashed in an epic battle of man-monkey-thing versus machine! This shit is worthy of a frame. Only 50 copies were made and Digestor already ate 9; be sure to get yer filthy mitts on one now before they’re gone, jerk. Each copy is signed and numbered by Doktor Sewage.



this is an actual photo of this piece of bad-assery

For orders from the U.S.A.:

Paypal – $35

For orders from outside the U.S.A.

Paypal – $45