The Band



Real Name: Unknown

Instruments: Guitar, Vocals, Razor Hooks, Mosh Riffs

Age: Unknown

Birthplace: Bergen, Germany

Number of Eyes: One, Right


The son of a mad Trappist monk and a syphilitic gypsy,

Digestor was born in an abandoned castle outside of Bergen. His childhood

was spent in a carnival freak show as the Amazing Melting Boy, as the

syphilis had eaten away most of the soft tissue in his face. He learned

to read and write from the other freaks in the carnival and through

his training as a geek, developed a refined taste for raw meat; a taste

so all consuming it eventually caused him to be expelled from the carnival

after a messy incident with Patches the clown. He wound his way around

Europe, causing panic in his wake, until he found Creepsylvania and

decided to call it home. During his travels in Europe he found the records

of old “Thrash-Metal” bands in garbage bins and started a

collection, a form of music outlawed in Creepsylvania since the 1980s.

Anyone caught headbanging in Creepsylvania faces a stiff fine!




Real Name: Unknown

Instruments: Guitar, Vocals, Skateboards, Toxic Shock

Slam Pits

Age: Unknown

Birthplace: Creepsylvania

Number of Eyes: Two


Dissector was created by the Swamp Hag as huge, slithering larvae to

feed on the scraps that the members of Ghoul left in their boody wake.

The maggot slimed its way into the cisterns and sewers of Creepsylvania

and there it fed, growing and maturing surrounded by barrels of glowing

toxic goo. As a pupa in the sewers he heard the warblings of Ghoul as

they moshed out songs in their subterranean practice room and, he picked

up the songs immediately. After hatching as a full grown Ghoul, he joined

the trio of terror to make them a foursome of fright, thus cementing

their line-up and adding a certain je ne sais pas. Maybe it’s the guitar

solos, maybe it’s the voice. One thing is for sure; Dissector smells

really bad.




Real Name: Unknown

Instruments: Bass, Vocals, Bone Torch, Necro-Arson

Age: Unknown

Birthplace: Paris, France

Number of Eyes: Two


A bastard born to a whore in the catacombs of Paris, Cremator was raised by a blacksmith

with one arm and no teeth. His childhood was spent fetching scrap iron

and working the bellows at the smithees shop. His adoptive father mysteriously

died one day when he was apparently pushed into the oven by an unknown

assailant. Cremator was badly injured in a kiln explosion, which resulted

in the loss of most of the lower half of his face, making his speech

guttural and garbled at best. His obsession with fire makes him one

of the most dangerous of the Ghouls. Cremator is a Pisces.

ASK CREMATOR! The only advice column written by a cannibal.




Real Name:Unknown

Instruments: Drums, Rot Gut, Berserker Beats

Age: Unknown

Birthplace: Yugoslavia

Number of Eyes: One, Left


Fermentor was found squalling in a vineyard by a half retarded grape

stomper in Yugoslavia and is thought to be the result of an abortion

gone horribly wrong. He was raised on cheap wine and

cheaper meat and at a very early age was shown the secrets of viniculture.

His skills were second to none, even with a single digit IQ, and he

soon earned his place as a master brewer and winemaker. His tenure at

the winery was abruptly ended when he went missing after a farmhand

was found decapitated and drained of all his blood.



Mr. Fang


Real Name: Mr. Fang

Age: Unknown

Birthplace: Shanghai

Number of Eyes: Two


An ex-opium smuggler and current opium addict, Mr. Fang is half Chinese, half Russian and was born in Shanghai to a famous Chinese carpenter and his white mistress. He spent much of his youth involved in piracy, gunrunning, and the poppy trade before leaving the Far East in search of new avenues of enrichment. He found them in Creepsylvania, where he quickly opened “Mr. Fang¹s Coffins & Curios”, specializing in caskets for the oft-murdered townsfolk and the sale of curiosities from the darkest corners of the globe. Ask about the sale on cursed monkey paws.



The Mutant Mutilator

THE Mutant Mutilator

Real Name: Billy Spungbein

Age: 13

Birthplace: Creepsylvania

Number of Eyes: Two


Young Billy Spungbein was just an average jerk. Made fun of; dumped in garbage cans; ridiculed by women; he was Creepsylvania High¹s class wretch. Then one day while Billy hid in the cemetery from bullies, he stumbled upon the Crystaline Skull. As he picked it up he felt a jolt of power rush through him, and, after uttering arcane words, he was transformed into the awesome figure of the Mutant Mutilator, a slavering death-beast from the depths of creation! The Mutant Mutilator is a massive homicidal werepig. His hatred of false metal and trendy posers crosses the line from healthy distaste to psychopathic rage, and he has the blood-caked axe to prove it. Listen to Cradle of Filth? You will be killed. Prefer American-style blast beats? You will be killed. Profess a love for modern, forward-thinking, art-grind? You will be killed twice whilst being kicked in the balls, hard. Six-inch tusks and 450 lbs of nasty disposition make him the wrong werepig to piss off.





Real Name: Walt Disney

Age: Unknown

Birthplace: Unknown

Number of Eyes: Zero real eyes, two infra-red cameras


Constructed from the strongest steel known to the guys at Creepsylvania Tow and Salvage Yard, Killbot is 10 feet of unstoppable destruction with but a single purpose: ANNIHILATE GHOUL. After burying itself and it¹s creator under the rubble of a castle, Killbot was unearthed and reactivated by a secret cabal of powerful men. With a new brain plucked from the frozen head of Walt Disney, Killbot is now more powerful than ever!



The Swamp Hag

Real Name: Zuryalda

Age: Unknown

Birthplace: Unknown

Number of Eyes: Three


Not much is known about the creature the locals call the ³ Swamp Hag². A shadowy figure, she is said to be the infamous Gypsy, Zuryalda, who cursed Creepsylvania as the villagers cast her into the swamp and whose murder gave rise to a violent Gypsy revolt. Tales of strange doings out in the swamp keep even the most brave-hearted from seeking her lair.